A preacher found himself as a mediator between two other preachers who were fighting over congregation, one claimed that he was being ill spoken to in front of his congregation by the other pastor, while the other claimed that his followers had been stolen from his church by the newcomer, “it’s after you have pitched your tent near my church that I started losing followers, slowly you pulled them out into your makeshift camp and left me with nothing but only a handful,” this infuriated the preacher and had to reprimand both of them, he was disappointed by the fact that the two self-proclaimed ministers of the word had deviated away from the principal focus which is to deliver good news to all, “had you known that you served the same master who is Christ then you won’t be disappointed about losing some of your sheep to another shepherd, but since you served your own selfish interests, you are bound to quarrel and even fight with one another over petty issues,” he rebuked them both.