beard headed

A guy in our neighborhood once came over and asked me this question, “hello baby face, why is it that I have never seen you with beard, you are in your mid-twenties now you should be having plenty of grass on your face are you a lesser man?……….” he talked on aimlessly saying a lot of nasty things which I cannot possibly mention in this text. “Aren’t you ashamed that you are bragging to your fellow man about beards?” I replied, you can brag to me about other things but not beards, please come back to your senses man! I hate those things, every weekend morning, I check my bathroom mirror to see if my face is still smooth, if I see tiny shoots have sprouted overnight, I quickly rush for the blade and chop them off. Your face being full of rough hair and mine always looking smooth doesn’t make you a greater man and me a lesser one, please watch your mouth.” this way  I had to rudely reply.