After four years of some gruesome work I came to realise that I was flogging a dead horse, I had to change my schedule and turn to something more useful, as far as I can remember I have flogged many dead horses. Take for instance this case story.

Poor Studying/research Programme. 

Some students came over to me a while ago to ask me for advice on how they should conduct their studies efficiently, they wanted to cover as much information over the shortest time possible, is there a miracle way to download all information in books into your brain and save it there so that you won’t have to spend another day studying?” they asked me. “We want to read through the books only once then we hope to remember all information therein for the remaining days of our tuition,” “Well to be frank,” I told them there is no scientific or sorted out way to do that only if they try the fiddlers research,” they described this situation of theirs to me saying…

“I study day and night I work hard, really hard, I do as much revision as I can and as well as others do, but nothing changes, why is it that when other people study they get good grades, wonderful grades I mean, why not me? We should be awarded equally what makes the difference between me and them? They move from very good to Excellent whereas I remain stuck on this little basket of failure, but the question still remains, where is the problem, where am I going wrong? Please don’t say it’s because they are smart and I am dumb.”

When I did not answer he concluded it all rested in natural ability, that it is indeed a God given gift, maybe I was meant to succeed somewhere else in life and leave this book issues to the owners.”

“If this is happening to you, then there are two things involved you are either

1.Not working hard enough or

2.Doing the right thing the wrong way

Either of the two applies.” I said to them.