I do not trust all machines, they will always break down. They convince you into putting faith in them only to trick you shortly after that by breaking down or cause you serious injuries, my tractor bounced me off its back and nearly cut & rolled me into chunks of soil.

My meat mincers broke off its glass top, its blades almost chopped off my three little fingers, my motor SUV engine broke down on a lonely footpath right in the middle of an open desert.

The washing machine failed to wash after I have soaked in all my clothes, including spare gown.

The crane gives you false confidence that it’s absolutely safe to use, after you have mounted it and it’s several feet high above the ground, it throws you over and breaks your neck.

An angry user gets annoyed with his computer and knocks it really hard until it blacks out, “you are too slow, are you? You are no longer of any use here, you are supposed to be user friendly, are you user friendly? Where is the user friendliness in you? We were so hyped by the software about you becoming one of our good companions someday, does this machine look like friendly to you? You caused all the errors that appeared in my balance sheet”

Because of the complexity of machines it makes them very difficult and expensive to use at times, it is easier to repair a wheelbarrow than a lorry, it’s easier to fix a broken plough than a tractor. 

Alejandro despite having warned him many times to change his gearbox refuses to listen, that rusty old wagon is going to kill you some day if you are not going to do something about the engine. The wind shields, the tires, and steering, he instead hangs some religious objects at the front mirror and hope everything is going to be okay, “my sweet old pumpkin is still valuable to me,” he says.