I once asked a dog-breeder what he thought about the numerous races of the world, in reply he said,  “in as much as I am concerned, there are countless breeds, some of which I have never seen before, maybe you should ask other breeders the same question.” he said, “customers come to me and ask for their favorite type, each person has their own tastes and likes, the classy women come for collies and poodles, the hunters and security personnel come looking for German shepherds, so I make sure I have all the breeds available at all times,” he said. “After all they are all dogs, even though some may have more beautiful hairs than the others, even though some may be faster than the others, even though some may be stronger than the others,” they are all dogs! He added. If we should look at the races of the world as dog breeds, then we will be living more peacefully with one another.