Too much critical thinking in a creative environment slows down progress and brings the engine of imagination to a grinding halt. They become more of an editor than a contributor, they start editing their work even before writing it.

Close your eyes become an explorer like a youngster who ties their eyes with clothing walks around blindly, slowly he moves from one location of the house to the other, his other senses are amplified, he touches the walls and follows it along, crawls on the floor following the rough patterns on a carpet, everything he touches, feels, hears, smells, appears strange to him, what does it feel like to explore your house with your eyes closed?

Become like a silly adventurer who walks aimlessly not knowing where he’s going or what he’s doing. Like a small baby who utter their first words without thinking, they only get to learn later that they had said the wrong thing.

Whatever boils up in the mind, ye must pour it into pages of the book with ink and paper. The way it is, because you can always edit it at a later time.

Write now edit later. There are more editors at the publishing world than contributors. Make sure you are the producer not an editor who’s waiting for a manuscript.