Listen to this Story of the One Chic…

A hen laid ten eggs, one was accidentally crushed by the farmers foot, there were nine eggs left in the basket, one hanged loosely and easily fell onto the floor, it broke, there were eight eggs in the basket, one night a large lizard crawled into the roost  and swallowed three eggs,

There were five eggs left in the basket which hatched into five chicks, one chic failed to grow enough feathers and therefore died in the cold, there were four chicks playing around the house compound when a kite flew down from the skies and scooped some of them, it snatched two of the chicks with its powerful talons, there were two chicks playing around the compound when a truck dove past by and crushed one’s head. There was one small chick that clung onto its mothers bosom all the time, it grew into a huge healthy hen, then laid ten eggs. A hen laid ten eggs… and the story goes on forever.

Sometimes when you have many business ideas only a few of those many brilliant ideas of yours ever turn out successful if they are ever ventured into. If you undertake ten ventures, then only two of those will ever come out a success, if you have fifty then probably five of those will make it to the finish line, and if you have a hundred maybe ten will prove resilient.