Greek philosophers I believe were mostly a bunch of silly old men, troubled by the hardships and responsibilities of life, weighed down by old age, they sought to find comfort in their thinking and came up with reasonings that nearly drove the world into madness, I have never regarded them so highly, I wonder why the people of today praise them so much, even after they are long dead and gone. Their reasoning were sometimes based on basic issues of life, but any madman can think up that trash too, each person has their own view of life, no two are the same.

Of all their texts, I have come across, I have never found any that became of valuable use to me, something that could have added a little value to my life, with the exception of those historical recordings, which of course are a great treasure, but their intellectual reasoning, I have found none that has been of real value to my lifestyle.

Greek philosophers worked very hard to convert the whole world into their way of thinking, how much portion of the earth did they succeed in sowing their seeds of lunacy in the minds of the people?