When an inmate walks out of jail then the criminal justice department announces to every vendor that he is a well known thug who recently walked out of jail, then because of this all the vendors all of a sudden refuse to give him a job fearing that they themselves might be robbed as well, unable to recover his livelihood he is forced out back to the streets because the whole society now rejects him. How do you expect him to earn a living if he can’t secure even the lowliest of jobs? you might as well force him to resort back to burglary. Lest you should give him some of your salary if you want to prevent him from causing anyone any further harm.

If they cannot secure a simple job, where in the world do you expect them to go? What do you expect them to do? your highness, I am afraid of your superior authority, I have  deep respect for your status too, but I am sorry to tell you this, you are becoming a part of the problem, the sound of your gavel is sending shock waves across the nation, it is shattering lives, young lives especially, just the way a steel hammer shatters wooden planks and scatters them into pieces, that simple knock of a mallet has become equivalent to the sound of thunder, when it bangs loud behind them as they are led away into a cold dark room, never to see the face of the sun again, the banging of your gavel brings me many memories, many of which are too much for me to bear.