I was once travelling in a public bus when I experienced something shocking, there was a bit of music playing in the background, after a few minutes there came this guy who was describing foul things on popular radio, the fact that we could not see his face gave him false feelings of invincibility, no one has ever seen him or know what he looks like. This is a fellow that offends listeners the way he wishes, he says whatever he pleases, describes teeth clenching things.

I picked a baseball bat and asked the driver of the bus if he won’t change the station, then he should turn it off, better be bored in silence than to spend hours listening to garbage. If he won’t do any of that, I will be obliged to smash it into pieces, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

We say to that parrot who sits behind a megaphone in an office unknown to the public, you are busting others now but soon you too shall be busted, you think you studio can provide enough covering for you and you can maim anyone you wish, very soon your voice shall be relayed to the public once more with your face attached to it, everything you want to say we heard it all before, therefore keep it to yourself, speak only if you have something useful to say, otherwise you want to teach our children to speak the rough-cut languages they have learned from you?

Everything you say is so gross that whenever you open your mouth to speak we all want to cover our ears, won’t you at least try to moderate your speech? Make it more healthful more resourceful and not outright perverted? I am not being judgemental by making such demands, all I need is just a bit of your conscience, and you must remember that whatever you say on such a popular radio affects us all. Whatever group of audiences you are directing your discussions to please do not remain in the direction of unorthodox communications, pay attention to the least unlikely member of the passengers who could be listening, the kids. They are tired of your disrespectful highlights and quotations.