People blame the media for fueling riots at the public square, while the media blames the people for blindly approaching controversial issues, they told the media persons, “riots broke out in the city square immediately after you announced that the elections were rigged”,  “no! I didn’t say the elections were rigged, I said  the opposition claimed they were certain that a rigging had occurred and wanted to show the world that they had been tricked, the elections were unfair, totally unfair”, “ but that’s after your famous announcement that such a trauma began to unfold”, they repeatedly shouted to the telecasters, you are the last in the line, in this long chain of events, had you been careful with your words, maybe none of these would have happened, a dozen lives would have been saved., no glasses would have been broken, no property would have been destroyed, the city would have remained quiet just as it was for many years”.

The reporter began to defend himself “why do you cast blame upon me,” he says “however I am just a journalist reporting on events taking place on the ground while you leave out the people who are truly responsible for such a mess?”

There is freedom of speech, anyone can say anything they want, whatever the consequences may be.