The True Captain Versus the False Captain, The heart-wrenching Poems of Captain Job Seals.


The evident Wretchedness of the banks, why it appears a wise thing to do when you keep your own money and not deposit it into your local banks

We are all soon going to live in an extremely toxic, Polluted, dirty & dangerous World

Open Pit and Open Cast mining continues to make an ugly face of planet earth

Could it Possibly be true that the warnings about the environment and climate change that we are bombarded with daily may have been grossly exaggerated?

Humanity shall soon witness the fury of mother nature, with all this environmental destruction and pollution that is going on around us, Nature has an ingenious way of fighting back

What is Carbon Tax and why it is a necessary evil for implementation in all industrialized Nations

The Notion that rapid population growth often leads to rampant shortage of foods needs to be properly examined

Investing in Nature Conservation is like growing Money trees

Its never a good idea to share your dreams and ambitions with others for they will belittle and discourage you

People always want freedom of Choice even in situations where it would not exist

Everyone and everything is now going global

Everybody Now wants to quit their day jobs to start their own businesses, a really dangerous doctrine that is flying around the airwaves

New Startups and Ventures are creating new demand all the time

Everybody wants the best cheapest, people want to buy a good quality car for just a penny and a good quality house for just a pound

Find a way to get things done at your own pace, excessive pressure from others may cause you to fumble

Fear of the taxman & the new forced labor.

There is more money but less shopping, inflation hurts everyone in the economy

How do you handle slow moving stock and stagnant ventures?

Immediate adjustments to the constant weather changes in the business environment is the key to survival in this hyper competitive world

High taxation always scares away businesses from a region, a Multinational is a Multi-patriot, corporations love low taxes and will go any lengths to get it

Here are things You should never mix with business

Luxury goods do well even during the worst economic times

Most of the college professors that teach business and economics to campus students don’t have businesses of their own, what an irony?

Growing with the customers is a part of maintaining momentum

There is an infinite presence of ideas around us, You become the keeper of the goose that lays the golden eggs when you are open minded and think freely

Continual motivation of staff by supervisors keeps the team spirit high, the work gets done faster and more smoothly

Rigorous training may help put those stubborn juniors back on the line, but first you must understand each one of them personally

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