A physician tells an elderly man to turn his back in order to receive an injection on his bottoms, upon inserting the needle, he screams out loud, “Aaagh! Please stop, you are killing me,” he exclaims. “I am not killing you, I am helping you sire,” replies the doctor, “if I don’t inject you now the infection will spread to your vital organs and knock you out within days, that’s surely what is going to kill you,” he added, to the poor man’s shocking discovery, this was only the first of the many injections he’s going to be receiving in the coming days.

“You have sixty injections,” says the medic, “So aahhm…….. Fifty nine of them left, you shall return to this clinic every evening from now on for another fifty nine days,”

Will Hearty as I have known him fears needles so much that he would rather harbor a disease in his body than to visit a hospital where the only mode of treatment prescribed is injections. “I hate injections especially the ones targeting the bottoms, would I be able to sit down comfortably, stand or lay down to rest? They are going to puncture my buttocks like a rubber Tyre with their huge Cows needles, I still hate needles.” He exclaims