When lyrics backfire

When a renowned musician went to conduct a motivational talk in an institution, he was met with harsh remarks, he had travelled great distances and crossed many borders as he spread his message of hope and resilience among the youth, he wanted them to work hard and never to give up in the pursuit of achieving their dreams, “NEVER GIVE UP,” he said to them “WHEN THE WILL IS STRONGER NOTHING CAN STOP YOU?” he preached, reflecting on his own success.

The audience replied In a way that seemed very unusual to him, “we were waiting for another motivational speaker, not you, had we known that it was you who was to come, none of us would have set foot in this hall, go away and sing to yourself your mad music,” they said to him, “who are you to teach us about life and success? Aren’t you the BOOM BOOM GUY we see on TV?”

“We know everything you do on live television, you teach others to misbehave through your dance, now you want to talk to us about ethics?”

As he walked down the podium to get out of the door entrance, others shouted, “please call in that barbarian to come in and entertain us, we are totally worn out right now, let him sing his boorish songs and perform his savage dances so that we can at least enjoy a taste of his wild music.”