If its money that made them your friends, now you have lost everything its most unlikely you are going to see them very soon. Not until you regain your wealth, that’s the only thing that’s going to attract them back. The ones that stay longer are those that became friends because of some different reasons other than the attraction of riches, maybe a similarity in hobby, same interests, or share a career path.

“I can’t believe that it’s you Jerry that’s hurting me this bad,” says Tim, “let it be someone else and not you, all these years you have been by my side pinching every little pennies from my hands. And have profited greatly from it. Now that I have lost everything you have turned out to be richer than I am you come back to ridicule me, shouldn’t you at least leave me in peace?”

When you lose your fortune those who come to your aid are those who never asked anything from you, those who speak kind words to you are those who never praised you for giving them presents, and those who will feel the most remorse are those that have once been in the exact similar situation you have been in. for the majority of the birds that flew away never coming back, their attraction was a big shoal, an endless supply of fish which kept them around is now gone forever, its therefore no use wasting time around  you when they should be on their way seeking their fortune elsewhere.