When my time comes to retire, I will continue to work, not the hard blood sucking jobs at firms but a small country side gardening will be enough, as long as I live and in vigor, I will never just sit there and do nothing, I will ensure I keep a small number of my family around me, if my children will not want to associate themselves with me saying that they are too busy with their lives, then I will get my grandchildren, if my grandchildren will not accept to stay in my presence then I will sort out my great grandchildren to at least play beside me, if all of them abandon me because I have become old and weak then I shall adopt a few from the streets, sometimes it turns out that the children you adopt love you more than those which you bore, in this world you can never survive alone, you need true companions to help you go through, no matter how much money you have, if you have trillions in your bank account it can easily vanish like mist and there you are, you remain hopeless & defenseless.