inferior law, a law so cheap.

These days anyone can change laws as they wish, right now I can give a proposal that everyone who visits a public park must put on a clown’s socks for them to be allowed into the park, I then go to the municipal council office to argue out my idea, it is eventually taken down and becomes a law, as simple as that.

The changes for the laws come too quick that the laws are rendered worthless, when a new law is made, another person who is not pleased with it comes the following day to make changes to it, and then after that another comes to remodel it to fit his own understanding of justice, it goes on like this for days so that before the week is over the municipality’s law has been changed over seven times, how can the citizens then abide by such laws if it changes every now and then?

You have two situations at stake here your highness, either you allow everyone to make their own laws and live by them or seal off the laws of the land from everyone so that no one would meddle with them.