When the tsunamis of change come, be prepared to ride the waves, when you see the huge towering waters closing in, you should pick up your surf board, tug in your boat and be ready to move with the rolls, otherwise if they were to find you sleeping, you and your companions who are caught off-guard will be swept away like chaff, or crippled to an extent the damage gets beyond repair.

Each decade, year or month, numerous changes emerge in the global business trade that forces existing ones to either adapt or die, in the turmoil many old enterprises collapse while others emerge from their ashes, the advent of technology has put many merchants who have been around for centuries out of business giving ways for others that have never had a chance to conduct trade, the rules of the game are simple, if you want to be a giant yourself then kill another giant who is sleeping on their work and take their place.

Not just the technology being a challenge, there could be a change in source of raw materials, new ways to market, changes in manufacturing and distribution, creation of a totally new product etc. Like the way Manufacturing is becoming too risky and less profitable by each day, more and more entrepreneurs are moving to service industries. The manufacturing industry is slowly finding itself in tatters and a huge section of it dying as merchants move on to other things by each coming day.

The waves of tsunami, you never know when they will come, just be ready at all times.