Shouldn’t you be glad you have become so important & invaluable that people take you for granted? It is not wise to do things just to change the way other people think about you, when you are doing something unusual just to prove your point, you will end up causing harm unto oneself, does someone cut himself to prove how sharp a knife is or swallow chemicals to prove how lethal they are, let them see, it’s up to them if the turn a blind eye, How far will people go in trying to prove a point? Why spend money in an attempt to change other people’s perceptions of you?

People will say anything no matter how hard you try to act or please them. People can change their perceptions of you as they wish anytime they want to, you can never change the way others think about you. People will never perceive you the way you want them to, or hope them to.

If others take you for granted then remember that it’s because you have become so important that your presence is just like any other necessity, like air, water, sunlight etc.