The duke of Cromwellson had the taxes levied on the merchants of the city increased by four fold. The monks of that city also demanded a share of their exploits, they must either give a third of their monthly earnings to the monks or else they lose their place in the silver city above.

Out of rage, the merchants shouted at the duke saying, “away with patriotism, away with the love of motherland, away with nationalism, all our property we inherited from our forefathers, we never robbed anyone of anything yet they try to make us look guilty, if they strip us of our rightful belongings, who is going to feed our bellies and those of our children, and our children’s children?” with the fear of having their property seized, they hurriedly sold all their property, packed their money and other  treasures into ships and sailed away into the seas, they pledged to settle in any land or nation state that will welcome them and allow them to do business, if their terms of trade are better than those back at home, then they will never return. How could you love some people whom after paying them their wages they threaten to send you to the gallows, they still want to kill you even after you have paid all your tariffs in due time. After they had gone and were in safe lands they said to their previous governments (heads of states & kings) welcome to the new world which we have created, isn’t it beautiful.