A visitor asked those besides me, “what’s the matter with him, doesn’t he talk?

No! What then?

I am a stu-s-s-stu-te-re-r

Boy I was really determined to get it out, Now it has come back to haunt me again Since I didn’t want people new to me to notice that I had this problem, I really worked hard & tried to fight it. I wanted to keep it secret but all of a sudden it keeps getting me into trouble again and again. The expression on the people’s faces suggested empathy, “Oh no he has started again.” You find people finishing words for you.

In the end I realised I didn’t have to be perfect, I just let go, I also got to ignore the pressure from others who try to rush me, to make you speak hurriedly.

Trying to force it out (the difficult word out) is like trying to force a thick thread through a narrow needles eye, the more one tries to push it through, the harder it becomes getting it out. Just the same way a different needle is required, an alternative word can still do the same job. The secret lies in what you emphasise as the famous artists puts it.

Some words and phrases strike your mind, they keep echoing in your ears for days, every time an opportunity shows up you are fascinated very much and want to take your chance in trying them out.

Some of the words which gave me a hard time include this…




I wish I could find a way to communicate effectively without having to speak fluently.