Sometimes back in primary school, (about fourth grade), Madame Lusack gave me a letter to take home to my parents, along the way I happened to meet Jimmy my best friend.  Then I made the paper airplane with the letter and played with it around the compound, we went under old buildings, crawled through worn out tires, climbed trees and did all kinds of crazy staff, soon we realized it was getting dark, so we decided to rush home.

Sometime later, she met my mother and I saw them discussing one afternoon. At once I knew it was something serous because their faces indicated plainly that something was not right, few minutes later I was called in and asked to testify before them to reveal where I had hidden the document. I thought hard trying to imagine what they are trying to say, after a few minutes of hard thinking I got to remember, “Oh! It’s that piece of paper you gave me a while ago? It was on the tree, I couldn’t get it out so jimmy and I decided to go home when we couldn’t reach it even with the longest stick!” I exclaimed.

“you see he is lying again,” interrupted miss Lusack to mother in a deep stern voice, this is how they have been lying to me all along, just tell us where you hid it and we shall go and find it. How does a letter get onto a tree in the first place?” I had no answer. I made several more attempts to explain it to them, ”you see madam, it flew onto the tree and got stuck into the leaves…” when I could not convince them any further, I gave up and hung my head in shame, and said unto myself, if only I knew how important that piece of paper was, if only I knew, then I wouldn’t be having this trouble now.