I came across a lady who did not want to take her children to school for the fear of being bullied. As their workers counterparts thought otherwise, bullying turns out to be more beneficial than harmful in the long run, the discrimination it subjects students into forces them to think smarter, it hardens them.

Just like in the real world of commerce where a small enterprise will have to deal with large corporations operating in the same market, you will be like a tiny finger-like fish flowing against the currents, like a small miniature fish that competes with sea monsters for food in the vast expanses of the oceans.

There is bullying at the workplace, there’s plenty more bullying in the neighbourhood, there is bullying in public places, bullying is everywhere. If an individual puts their face in the safety of their bonnet because of fear of intimidation. Then they should remember that everything new in life intimidates.

A little teasing is good for a child’s health, it strengthens their resilience and competitive nature.