Working Alone and Minimizing Distraction may be the best way of fostering creativity and boosting productivity.

Distraction is one of the hardest challenges budding developers get when they are making their time out, so keeping the study environment lonely as possible is essential in maintaining ones creative momentum. How can you let others interfere with your work if you know very well that there are people who can make you hate what you love the most, which is penning?

It’s often best not to let anyone interfere with your work, not letting anyone say or do something that may make you lose your morale will produce tragic results. If they are neither readers nor authors why should you let them interfere with your work or even bother you in the first place? “What are you doing?” Is the common question they often throw at you. Total

Silence and freedom from interruption are of uttermost importance, when the birds begin to nest, a family member comes in through the door running and scares them all away and you are back to square one, even though they actually mean well, they poses a disruptive nature, & attitude, In times of serious business as these it’s rather better to work alone, the environment must not just be quiet, but absent of all other vocal and visual distractions caused by people. For forms of artwork like painting, pottery. Etc. the crafter needs a peaceful time away from the noise and distractions caused by others.

If it’s possible its better keep others from knowing what you are doing at all costs, let not anyone know that you are a scribe, let them know from someone else, maybe after they see you signing books at the venues will they really know what you have actually been doing in secret.

You often find that friends and family members who are not readers and neither authors interfere with your work, they belittle your efforts and badmouth your paragraphs, I wonder if there is anyone who can make significant progress around these people, “when I am busy fixing my own boat, I would rather be alone but if you need some companionship, lets meet later in the evening, we can chat all you want, please leave me in peace, just for now,” I would tell them.

Penmanship is a very intimate thing, do not allow family members to interfere with your work. It’s best to keep your authorship a secret in case there are no other like-minded individuals in the house or else some of them may say or do something that will make you lose your morale and kill your enthusiasm.

Find a quiet place where you can work for at least four hours without being interrupted, you certainly don’t want yourself to be constantly asked by your family members, “what are you doing? Please come over and help us move this sofa, and stop your doodling.”

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