Who said that short guys cannot date tall girls?

Who said that short guys cannot date tall girls?

Quite  often, Short guys are teased by their taller counterparts, who claim that their minuscule height reduces their chances of getting a fair lady. there is a misconception in the society that for a short fellow, its gonna be quite hard for him to get the respect he deserves from his partner, and whenever there is a domestic fight, its he and not not the lady that always gets beaten.

Are they not forgetting that genuine relationships are based on true love not  on looks? No kind of physical fitness or perfections is going to attract a pretty lady.

Once a fellow was asked, “why do so many ladies get attracted to you, when you are so short? How do you trick them into following you everywhere you go?” “its not a trick,” he replies confidently, “what makes you think that you can attract any kind of warm companionship when you have such a bad attitude, even if you are a tall as a flag post and handsome as Adam, do you think anyone will want to associate with you when all you do is to ill-treat and intimidate others?”

Ladies pay less attention to your looks and more to your attitude, all they want is someone who is kind, friendly, understanding, supportive, charming and all the good things you can say, those so called tall and handsome guys continue to send out the wrong message thought their behavior of “don’t care” , thinking that their pleasant looks will compensate their bad behavior and keep their ladies around them.

Everyone is shocked when they see the little boy, walking the Princess down the Aisle, he gets the world’s most desired lady, while his arrogant friends watch from a distance as they burn with envy, they refuse to attend his wedding all because they thought that a short guy can never win over the heart of a tall pretty lady

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