Who named the parts of a computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse?

Who named the parts of a computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse?

First of all I would like to say to the millennials that we are talking about the generation that was born in the early eighties and a little bit earlier, When I first learnt about computers, it was a very fascinating experience, it was in the late nineties, computers were very old fashioned back then, they were those big ugly things that looked like white boxes propped on a table,  the MS-DOS devices, they were also very slow. Turning on a computer in those days was a very tedious and annoying process, quite complicated, Now at the time it wasn’t called, “just switching on a PC”, but it was referred to as the “boot process,”  “please go boot that Computer,” our teacher would tell us, after it loads you had to wait for a while for the thing to open, say for example five minutes or more, so before computer classes began, the teacher made sure that he sent someone there to switch on the machines likes say ten minutes before we entered the computer room, so that by the time the lesson starts, the machines are active and working.

I remember there was only one friend who owned a computer in my entire neighborhood, we used to crowd over his home so that we can play games on weekends, we turned on the machine then went out to take a walk for a few minutes, by the time we return, lets say ten minutes later, it is working. Opening files was also very slow, when you click a file, you had to wait like five minutes or so before it opens.

The first PC I ever learned to use was running on windows 98, then moved to Windows 2000, then XP, I used windows XP for nearly a decade before I found out about windows 7, then 8, now we are in ten, in my short lifespan of less than three decades, the computer technology has changed so much so quickly. There was a neighbor who had a windows computer in my neighborhood, he was in his early twenties, something unfortunate happened in his home, the police came, put him in cuffs, he went to prison for a crime related to trafficking. this fellow who was using computers when I was young then went to serve time.

Two and a half decades later, he was out, he could barely recognize the machines people were using in the homes, in his time there were a few desktop computers, there were only a few because they were very very expensive, now nearly every kid in the block has a laptop PC. Before there were very few computers in colleges and their use required special training, there were separate computer rooms where you can go and do some typing staff. But now computers are everywhere at colleges, in fact it has become mandatory that every college student should have a laptop PC before they enroll at any college. Things change that fast, I mean literary that fast.

Now, back to the topic of discussion, When I first learned about the names of computer parts, I mean desktop PC, I really laughed out loudly, “so those are the names they chose to call them? The monitor, the keyboard and the Mouse,” well that is not very clever, they should have thought of better names, there a zillions of better names they could have used of course, but they didn’t, when I heard the word monitor, I thought of the monitor lizard, when I heard keyboard, I remembered my board where I hang the keys, and the uttering of the word mouse is obvious and straightforward what it actually is, it looks like the person that named these parts had a serious rodent problem in his house, some Hill Billy from the countryside perhaps, well if that is the case, who cares?

It sounds funny but also creative as well,

Our computer parts were named after a bunch of rodents

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