What is the Best Insecticide out there? – I keep Spraying over and over again. The Bugs won’t die.

I have been spraying these roaches in my house for so many years that I am at the Point of almost giving up. When you Spray them, they die in multitudes, then you go to sleep soundly knowing that you have rid yourself of a plague, but a few weeks later you start seeing them crawling over your kitchen cabinets.

Cockroaches are among a group of household bugs that are the most difficult to eradicate. Some of the factors that may increase the conditions of the dangerous pests are living in shared housing. Living in homes that have close proximity to your house may increase the prevalence, when you exterminate them in your own house, they simply crawl in from other homes within the apartment, and if all the houses in the apartment are not willing to join hands to rid yourselves of the pestilence then life can be very difficult for those that are trying to make a change,

Maybe we are living in the age of the super bugs, when you sprayed at first many of them died, but those that survived developed resistance, so the more you continue to spray the less effective your drug becomes, these bugs then grow stronger and stronger to become “super bugs”. Its like they are saying to your face, “please stop wasting your time and energy, we will never die”

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