What a terrifying thing it is to find yourself in the media spotlight, when you are turned into an object of study by organizations & Corporations,”

What a terrifying thing it is to find yourself in the media spotlight, when you are turned into an object of study by organizations & Corporations,”

A family went into a theme park one sunny weekend afternoon to have some fun. As soon as they had settled to have some lunch, a researcher came in, he was doing a nationwide data collection of foods served near parks for some company. The family allowed him to take samples of the foodstuffs they were taking and some fruits as part of his programme, he asked them many questions and persuaded them to fill numerous forms about foodstuffs they usually consume in their homes, all this being recorded on tape. He therefore finished whatever he was doing and left the family in peace.

After he was gone, about five minutes passed before the park authorities came along to assess the situation of the park which had been closed for a very long time, since they were among the first people to use the place after its reopening, the authorities were investigating the conditions of the place, how they were served by kiosks, how other people felt about its reopening to the public after a very long time. They took into detail every shred of information the family relayed to them as this was part of an important data collection program.

Later on they were done with their somehow serious information gathering program and left for their daily duties. Sometime later came event organizers, they were part of a promotion team who were making way for the coming of a popular firm’s roadshow advertising that’s to come to the park later that afternoon, the local football champion would be one of the hosts, “what an exciting evening it would be,” said the chap, “how would you feel like seeing Jenkins standing there on the podium with the crowds gathered around him?” He asked the family a dozen questions for their opinions of the upcoming event with an accomplice holding a camera right in their faces.

When the field organisers had left, more and more researchers, investigators, organisers, editors, and reporters came each carrying their own share of demands they wanted from the young family, a whole three hours had passed, it was getting late in the afternoon, they had not even gotten a chance to finish their lunch as they were continually being interrupted by their enquiries. the woman told the man that they should get out of that place as soon as possible before someone else comes to hold them back, “please let’s take the kids somewhere else quieter and secure than here, these fellows have ruined our picnic,” she said.

They quickly rolled up their belongings and moved out of the park, with a sigh of relief, they managed to get back into their van before anyone noticed them pass by, “what a terrifying thing it is to find yourself in the media spotlight,” they said, and drove back home.

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