The unquestionable Power of the pen, words will continue to have more impact on the masses than the world’s most lethal weapons put together

In the pen is where my strength lies, I can’t do anything else, I can’t dig, I can’t run, I can’t drive a truck etc. it is where all my strength lies. The wonderful experience about writing, is you get to talk to people you have never met, and probably never will.

An author who has mastered the pen can write literary about anything known to man, of great things that happened, greater things that are happening now and the greatest things that are yet to come. For as long as they have seen a glimpse of the future and have dug deep into history.

That’s the good thing about being a writer, even people who have no face to brag of can scribble up an interesting story for others to enjoy. The miracles of publishing is that books can take you places you have never been. And interact with people you have never met.

Words behind bars.

I asked Jeremy a former freedom fighter and human rights activist about his writing experience, he was locked up after being accused of inciting violent campaigns by the sitting government officials of his country, “you were able to release three titles in a row, how did you manage to do that? Especially behind bars?”

In his reply he said, “boy, when I am in my quiet cell, I can travel a thousand miles away, its good thing that they have restricted my movement so that my manuscripts can reach out to hundreds of thousands out there, you know what mike, when I am trapped between these four walls, it’s like I can reach the four corners of the earth with this pen of mine, there is nothing powerful like it.” “With the stroke of my pen I shall conquer nations while am still right here behind bars,” he said.

I know of many other guys who wrote countless articles and published numerous books while still behind bars, should I find myself locked up one day, I too shall continue to write there, even while lying on a hospital bed, I shall scribble down a few things when left alone by the nurses.

All those years Jeremy has spent locked away from the society, all his hours spent in a small dark room with very little you can do with the body except with the mind, but because the mind and the body never walk together, his thoughts traveled many miles to meet readers in the outside world, he speaks to them just the way you would do to a friend next door.

When I am on the corridor, the mind is in the books, and when in the study room, it’s in the rest bench, if you want to be very emotionally closer to the reader you probably have to position yourself in a place far away from their present residency. The farther apart the authors and the readers, the closer the relationship between them, and the stronger the emotional bond between each other.

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