The rich don’t like being called rich while the poor don’t like being called poor, but each desires to be referred to the exact opposite.

The rich don’t like being called rich while the poor don’t like being called poor, but each desires to be referred to the exact opposite.

The rich don’t like being call rich while the poor don’t like being called poor, but like to be referred to the exact opposite, if you grow extremely wealthy you will get tired of being called rich, if you become poor you start to believe that being called anything that is synonymous with that term as an insult. When you call a needy person poor he/she will be angry at you, as they would often say, “I was once a rich fellow, it’s just that I became unfortunate one day and lost everything I owned, and was forced onto the streets, soon this misery will be over, and I believe so. I fell into bad luck and couldn’t find a way out. I do not wish to remain like this for too long. Soon I may be able to pick up my old tracks again.”

A passer-by woke a homeless man who was sleeping on the street benches to hand him some food, “hey poor guy, have some worm bread,” he said. “The man uncovered his head and leaned forward to see who was speaking to him, “who are you calling poor? I am no poor! He replied. Can’t you see that I am a luckless guy who has failed to find a job?” then as he pointed at the pigeons that were pecking down near his bench, he said, “those are the poor guys, if you want to offer some food, you should give it to them, I am sure they are going to enjoy your stale dry bread, because I am not going to touch it,” then he covered his head and went back to sleep.

When you call the wealthy “rich fellows,” it sounds somehow threatening, hateful and envious, you make it sound as if you are about to say or do something that might cause harm to them. And no one wants to find themselves in such a scenario, when you call the poor as poor, it sounds like your references are a proof that you  indeed look down upon them, they know that they are poor, and are struggling very hard to get out of it, or simply get an acceptance from the society just the way they are, they do not need to be constantly reminded of their present harsh living conditions. Anyone either rich or poor is yearning for an acceptance from the people around them, those who call them by their status tittles, they will definitely avoid for it’s a clear sign of rejection. “Why do you keep calling me rich? Is it because you greatly desire my wealth or do you do so that I can give you something in return?” as some would say.

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