The Last American Buffalo

Chief Okalavou the ruler of the left western Indian tribe is fearing loss of his chiefdom, so he calls Bundokishva, one of his youngest sons, he tells him, “last night I had a dream, the most terrifying nightmare I have ever had since the day I was born.”

 “In my dream”, he went on. “I saw a mighty buffalo of the great plains, it was huge & ferocious, it was covered with beautiful hairy coating around his body, on the neck, shoulders and the hind quarters, his hooves stamped the ground with a thud as it ran, and the rocks would crack under its feet, his snorting terrified all the animals of the plains, and wherever he walked, a way was cleared by the smaller creatures of the grasslands, its entire body was covered with pure muscle.

On a hill it appeared as if no arrow or spear could go through its skin, as I was standing on the other side of the hilltop, I said to one of my hunting men, can’t one of you go and kill that beast for us? Its skin looks good, and will also provide a lot of meat for our people too. But they said no, in protest they shrieked back in terror, saying no one has ever touched that beast, many people who have tried have been victims of its aggression, and they ended up either losing their limbs or their lives. As we were speaking, I saw a huge axe, a double headed axe used by the wood choppers flying and rolling about in mid-air, it came from somewhere behind us, passed on top of us rolling many times and hit the buffalo on the shoulders, the buffalo was split into two and fell with a thud that shook the ground.

Then I heard war cries that sounded like horror with mixed celebrations, I saw all our tribe’s men coming from every direction waving their spears and clubs in the air in jubilation and rushed to the scene, they quickly slashed the beast and divided the loot amongst themselves. “

This is the message of interpretation I heard  from Okaan the wise medicine man says there shall come a ruthless society , they shall sail in through the seas and make camps on our land, then chaos will spill out onto our people and divide them into two, with some on our side and with others supporting the intruders, many villagers will try and put up a resistance, they will fight to the last man, but they will all be defeated because they shall be greatly outnumbered, then they  will take away our ancestral land and divide it amongst themselves, our tribe will be completely wiped out and you shall never hear anything from them again.

I am just telling you this so that you can remember when the right time comes,” his son then painted all this story onto a buffalo hide and some other leather skins so that the future generations will read them and know what has happened to them was not an accident, it was a calamity destined to take place. Our tribe, the mighty buffalo of the Great Plains will fall soon.

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