The Joy of doing what you love

The Joy of doing what you love

Some people who are claiming themselves to be professionals are teaching our juniors that they should do only what they love, then they’ll have many riches, they are advocating that they should restrict themselves to focus on doing things they love very much, this is however absurd. There are a lot of things we don’t like but have to do them anyway, no one likes to take the garbage outside in the morning, no one likes to clean the toilet, if we don’t do any of these things simply because we don’t love them, our homes will be infested with cockroaches and flies.

Having balanced thoughts.

I hear some popular speakers say, “If you continually imitate the works of others then you are limiting yourself to their small perceptions. if you follow other peoples things every single step, you shall never prosper in achieving your dreams, you are blocking your path with a too narrow mind-set, well on the other hand a Formosan proverb says, “those who imitate nothing produce nothing,” their words have some truth to an extent, these are extremist ideas complete opposites of one another, the pioneers of these ideas probably were having their own hallucinations when they were thinking up such thoughts.

So we put them on the opposite side of the scales, to achieve a perfect balance, they’ll help us avoid going too close to the either side of the extremes, they give us the exact quantity of how much is too much, they have set boundaries in place saying, this is the line you should not cross but you can freely operate between here and there.

A labour of love.

Mrs Fiona went to her classroom in plan to give advice to some of her successful students who have just gone to the next final stage of school, they were among the top ten students in the districts according to the national exams that were done recently, she wanted others to know what it it’s like out there at the top and things they’d need to do to stay on course, she wanted everyone to be inspired to do the same.

To her surprise, the kids responded positively to her remarks, in fact some gave her more information than she had equipped herself with, some of the kids especially poor performers ended up teaching her back, it appeared to her as though she has been teaching them how to teach her back. These kids they know so much but how comes they are not performing? It all boils down to one thing, a labour of love, everybody knows about everything around this place, it’s the only thing that I will distinguish success from failure, knowing is not enough, they must do, says the famous rhetoric.

How come some of the people who seem to know everything do nothing?

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