The Internet of the World Wide Web has become a huge global library where anyone from anywhere in the world can go find anything they are looking for at any time they please

The Internet of the World Wide Web has become a huge global library where anyone from anywhere in the world can go find anything they are looking for at any time they please

The good thing about online search is that you get information you were searching for immediately, exactly the way you hoped it to be unlike a conventional library where you will be forced to go through dozens of books, peruse through thousands of pages just to find the single piece of information you were looking for.

E-learning is still in its infancy stage, despite the technological advances that have been made in the last few decades. 

It’s harder to read text on an electronic device than to read it on a printed page, video turns out  to be the easiest and the most enjoyable way to learn using electronics, if the education systems wants to be entirely digital, then they better convert all the lessons into video. Classes of the future will be like educative mini movie theaters, where children go there simply to watch a lesson.

Unlike conventional libraries where you can walk through the shelves, pick dozens of books and read them simultaneously,  you have on the table half a dozen books with pages open as you crosscheck information from one title to another when doing research, many e-readers and apps can only open or display one book page at a time, as the other related book pages remain hidden away in the background, you could easily lose track of your research progress  since you cannot post sticky notes on e-readers. Since electronics are not good at making or keeping notes, it’s absolutely why I still like pen and paper, as soon as I get to the table, I would like to grab a pen and start right away. Unlike electronic devices where you click through a series of stubborn programs wasting early precious minutes where your exuberance is at its peak. 

I wonder why students despise their teachers greatly these days, maybe it’s because they can find a more constructive and detailed information on the internet, I remember in the nineties, teachers were greatly respected in all provinces. They were said to possess precious knowledge, that knowledge if passed from one generation to generation will transform the society, they are like walking treasure box from which any passer bye can grab their fill of the jewels.

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