The heavy diesel drinkers will be out of the market sooner than you think.

There was this machine called by the name, Arnold diesel after the fellow who created it. The mammoth giant machine rose from the earth as grains of sand were falling off its shoulders it stood upright towering above everything else, the height of a ten story building, its eyes were blinking with dim red light, as if its inner batteries were running low, then in a thundering voice, it exclaimed, “diesel. Diesel,” I am thirsty , upon scanning the local area,  it saw a tanker approach from a nearby superhighway, the machine stamped its gigantic feet on the road blocking the truck, the driver tried to manoeuvre out of the way, but all his efforts failed.

It picked the truck like a piece of empty Jeri can, held it up in the air close to its mouth, above its  head, squeezing the entrails of the tanker into its gaping jaws, all off he galloped it down its throat, down to every single drop of petrol, when done, he squeezed up  the now empty tanker like a piece of paper then tossed it aside, it fell with a thud that shook  the ground, the tanker looked like an empty squeezed out toothpaste on sand , when it had drank its fill, the beast machine gave a loud belch, that filled the entire area with the smell of jet fuel.

It then turned and walked away, slowly disappearing into the horizon, other smaller beasts of machines the height of an average human came running into the gas station, proclaiming the same name, “diesel!, diesel! We are thirsty, diesel please!” they took every Jeri can of petrol they could find, gulped its entrails into their throats & mouths, then tossed the bottles aside when done as if they never cared, then they sped away like fast cats far into oblivion, outside of anyone’s views.

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