The Ghoulish behavior of the mainstream Media, When journalists take too much interest in Negative and disturbing events

The Ghoulish behavior of the mainstream Media, When journalists take too much interest in Negative and disturbing events

It is an unfortunate thing to say there are many journalists who have lost their lives in the field of reporting, trying to bring you the viewer the latest headlines, we wish we could honour them by remembering their names as long as we live, on the other hand, there are activities taking place throughout this professional field that may post questions of ethical concerns.

It isn’t wise for reporters to rush into battle grounds with their cameras hoping the bullets will spare them because they are renowned journalists. They should value their lives more than the news bulletin they crave so much for.

Some of that behaviour may be regarded as ghoulish, heartless thinking. Once a cameraman was holding a camera on the face of a child who has been hit by shell fragments and is being rushed to hospital by two well-wishers, the reporter is capturing the agonising moments the poor little child is going through, unbearable pain, shock numbness, all combined feelings. On reaching the hospital, he’s laid onto a bed, a physician is called in, he tries to stop the bleeding gushing from his left limb, he asks the other two well-wishers who had earlier carried him to help, the cameraman too is asked to give a hand, he refuses, saying he’s capturing important events of the chaos on video, they plead with him, “please put down your  camera for a while and help us save the child’s life,” but the cameraman is strong-willed,, he’s determined to capture every single minute of the shocking happenings.

Few minutes later the child passes out, he finally lets go of the fight, the two men who had brought him to hospital step back in shock & unbelief, they become furious beyond control & were very angry at the cameraman. “had you given us an extra hand our precious little boy would be alive by now, look at what you have done,”  as their laments were being captured on tape, they turned against him, threw him onto the ground and started punching every part of his body they could reach, they broke his camera, they hit him so hard he was nearly killed, luckily he managed to make an escape and went to hide behind a stone wall where he was to be found two days later by military paramedics, from that time on he has never visited chaotic places, and he stopped taking films on battle grounds.

Why quarrel bitterly when you are not willing to lift a single finger to help, you see cameramen filming a torrential flood, huge waves of water carrying away trees, homes cars etc., you get to see people and damaged  houses floating on water like pieces of rubble from a shipwreck, despite all the turmoil and the number of people in need, the media crew remain standing there watching and chatting as if they enjoy the spectacle

 I don’t know whether this is what actually takes place or there is some other part of the story hidden. It could be that in most cases they do actually offer help, it simply is not the focus of the attention(for the moment). The argument here is whether more and more pictures should be relayed to our screens showing reporters offering help instead of just standing there and take pictures and video. It could be possible that they are among the first people to arrive at the scene and the victims think of them to be part of rescue team who have come to their aid. Their hope to get assistance has finally been fulfilled, at long last, or so they thought. But these fellows are here to make a film. To take clean shots of it. “The entire disaster scene must never be interfered with if you wish to take a good quality footage,” they remark.

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