The baffled Expressionist, how confident are you in expressing yourself both verbally and in writing?

The baffled Expressionist, how confident are you in expressing yourself both verbally and in writing?

The best place people can express themselves fully without any external hindrances is through pen and paper, its where you can pour in your thoughts, feelings, fears, desires, beliefs, all that comes to the mind. It is only through writing that I can pour in my anger, resentment, excitement, doubts and so on.

If thoughts and ideas could be wrapped into boxes and then sent to others like parcels and gifts, then we would understand one another much better, but because of the fact that we need to carefully convert them into words for conveyance purposes makes them loose their complete meaning, because words are very difficult to find. Things are hard to describe, better put them in people’s heads directly.

Wordbook or picture book

In a picture book words are so diminished they have little to no meaning, pictures speak for themselves. So in a picture book there is no need to use lots of words because the pictures are doing a lot of talking already, but in a wordbook there is also no need to use pictures because all your description work is done by the texts.

I try to use a few words to say many things. There are others who use many words but say the same thing as I have done. Remember we have no visual aid to help in our description words are our only weapon at hand. Ye can become a wordsmith if ye desire and wish it so.

But for the time being, we are at war with words, our only weapon here is words, like a warrior who goes to battle with no body armour or shield to protect his body. No visual aid to assist in description so for that reason, we don’t have to rely on graphics, so don’t expect to have an easy time explaining yourself to others.

Layman’s Language

Make yourself easy to understand so that someone who is on Solomon Islands can get you clearly if not relate very well with your words.

Once a while ago, Maurice, a friend of mine told me this tale, he had this to say, “once in our final year in compulsory education, a professor who was also a motivational speaker came to talk us into joining his college, he was one of the finest electrical engineers I have ever met. His speech made electrical engineering sound so interesting that after clearing our studies, we all wanted to pursue electrical engineering as a career path, when there are people who make you hate something there are others who make you like it.

Here is the first professor I have met that did not put jargon in his speech, he spoke a layman’s language, and that’s exactly what we have been searching for, a guy who will teach us fools everything we need to know.    

“Think like a professor and speak like a clown, so that we the ordinary folk will pay you our full attention,” my old friend Jimmy taught me that.

He is a great professor who speaks the language of the people, after he is done talking, people have nothing to add on, his words are few, and go straight to the point, he always hits the nail on the head. His presentation makes it clear to everyone that there is no big secret to great professionals, everything he presents to you in its full context, in a way that is clear as day.

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