Struggling with Bad memories, when you often find that your past life is coming back to haunt you no matter what you do to try to move on.

Trying to erase the past

Bad memories will always remain with you no matter how hard you try to erase them, I spend years living a life different from my last decade, to live happy and try to forget the bad experiences I have gone through back in the days, somehow they find their way into my mind at times, for short periods and sometimes for a very long time. What’s the big deal then? They are part of our lives, like patterns sewn onto a carpet, we will remain with them for the rest of our lives, why should I waste time and resources trying to erase something that’s written in indelible ink?

“My past life as a fire fighter has always haunted me ever since, there is a day I failed to pull out a mother and a child from a burning flat, those are the kinds of images you don’t easily forget, they haunt you for the rest of your life, that was my first failure in my entire career, and the incident led me to leave the profession. I still feel guilty today for their loss, I wish I had tried harder to save them.” Sobs a retired fire-fighter from a popular firm.

You can never run away from the past no matter how hard you try, many people resort to putting away everything that reminds them of a past negative experience, when a guy is fired from his well-paying job, he walks away with the hate of everyone in his heart, he hates the manager who fired him, he hates the other directors, he hates the employees who gave his name up, he hates all workers in the factory, he does not want to see any of them including those who did him no wrong, he hates them all, seeing some of his former co-workers as he puts it, reminds him of his unfortunate experience at the factory, so he would rather keep them far off, and preventing them from causing him unnecessary mental trouble.

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