Solvable conflicts, how hard is it to settle social disputes

Solvable conflicts, how hard is it to settle social disputes

There is a list of conflicts that can be solved while there is another category that cannot be, one can be settled speedily and without qualms while the other can drag on for thousands of years.

Take for instances when two communities are fighting over a resource,  a recent discovery let’s say has revealed vast quantities of untapped underground gold in an area where the two communities border one another and has created viscous fighting between them each claiming to own the land, when the dispute goes on for a long time a great loss of life ensues, the national government comes in to mediate, leaders get to be chosen from both sides of the group and are given a chance to make peace, when the mineral is sold and the state has taken its share the remaining amount will be reinvested equally on both sides, or else the state should take everything and give nothing back to any of them.

If two countries get into dispute over a natural resource that borders the two nations say a river, a mineral deposit or a wildlife reserve, then a third party nation can come in to mediate. “Brethren there is no need to pick up arms, is it gold and silver mines you are fighting over? Why not divide the treasure and each one of you goes with a half of the share, instead of causing unnecessary damage to one another.” if the two countries come to fair terms with one another, then piece is restored once more.

The conflicts that cannot be solved are those that arise from ideological and religious differences, not unless you have better ways of thinking, what can you replace their beliefs with? It’s nearly impossible to change other peoples thoughts and opinions, so anyone else around who does not share your ideas definitely becomes an enemy and should be eliminated, men  have continued to  hack down one another just as they have always done for millennia. Such a conflict has no hope of resolution, it’s forever entangled with bloodbath, like a soil forever barren, where nothing ever grows.

The dwellers of Saalkon city massacred each other down to every single man. Only a blade of grass was left, and the animals came out of their holes to celebrate the sight of humanity destroying itself.

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