Smear campaigns always backfire on the rogue politicians and eventually lead to their loss in an election

Victory in politics as it has always been is all about winning more hearts than your opponent’s side, the more hearts they win the stronger their poles are. Others have tried to bring down their opponents and were astonished by the results, they thought they could smear them with mud, so their supporters would be disgusted with their looks, and turned away from their side, to switch support to them instead. It unfortunately did the opposite, people looked at their favourite candidate covered with dirt all over the face and were disappointed, but they didn’t lose faith in them yet.

“Look, who has mud on his hands, isn’t it that evil candidate? Look clearly, he has smeared all the other candidates on their faces with mud except himself, that’s why he’s got mud in his hands.” the crowd said, with such a crushing exposé, even the few supporters on his side left him to join the others whose names and identities have been defiled.

The game of winning hearts, political wings drawing attraction from as many parties as they can with the one that gets the most support becoming the strongest, Kings also lure other kings far away to join their side of the heated debate or dispute, the one that acquires the most supporters gains supremacy.

The secret to a successful campaign is to outshine your opponents in every aspect , not smear them with mud so that you look cleaner and more attractive, if ye can outshine them ten times over, then ye are the undisputed champion of the forthcoming race.

When candidates are smeared with mud by their opponents all over their body including their faces, yet their supporters still loved them, in fact, even more, others from the opposing side joined the group which grew larger and dominated the race, to the end.

The voters are old enough to see the difference in candidates’ character, if they can distinguish day from night, and a man wearing yellow shirt to that who has put on a red shirt, then they can distinguish the differences between candidates, it doesn’t need to be drummed into them by their fellow competing candidates.

“If you see the brightness of your clothing is getting dim, then take off your clock, leave the white linen clothing, and then shine three times better.

One thing that most politicians often forget is that you should never say anything evil about your opponent no matter how bad they are, lest it might be used to move the masses against you, you must remain the beacon of hope,” says, Ashdod. 

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