Rigorous training may help put those stubborn juniors back on the line, but first you must understand each one of them personally

A good horse seldom needs a spur. If they have really made up their minds not to do work, no amount of push, encouragement or motivation will inspire them to continue work.

As a director you’d often face these three types of employees…

1.The refugees

Are always on the move, whenever an assignment is about to be handed out, they flee as soon as they get to hear about it, then pretend to be very busy, they grab hold of anything they see close by and pretend to be working on it. They fear responsibility so much and avoid it like a plague, these are individuals of the lowest ranks in workers’ unions. They flee when nobody is chasing them, then go and hide in the factory hay, when they are sure that all the day’s work is over, then they join others, on their way home in the evening

2.The doubting Thomases.

These fellows readily accept assignments but as soon as they get the first obstacle, they begin to question the possibility of finishing through, they have full skills and ability to finish the tasks, only their minds tell them otherwise, when you give them an assignment then circumstances change along the way contrary to what was planned, they then find it nearly impossible to adjust.

These are the people that frequently quarrel the managers and directors believing it is their faults unaware of how their thinking is responsible for their incompetence.

3.Yes men and yes women.

These are the best of all employees, they undertake their duties with such speed an enthusiasm that makes work a breeze. They take orders without question, unless there is something they didn’t get clearly, when they object a project, they present their case in a gentle professional tone. These are people whom you can feel very comfortable being around them, and have a privilege to know some of the companies sensitive pieces of information

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