Open Pit and Open Cast mining continues to make an ugly face of planet earth


Planet earth has an ugly face, says the moon, you once mocked me saying that I am an old peasant with a long chin and faces filled with so many holes, so many pimples, now it will be my turn to  mock you instead, to laugh at you, man has drilled many large holes onto your face, big enough to swallow entire cities, your face has turned so rough, rougher than the back of a tortoise(tortoise shell), in an endless desire to get more precious stones, he drills deeper and deeper, into the deepest rocks which eventually cave in on them burying them alive, but they won’t stop if there is still small breadth left in them, they dig and dig till when they are completely passed out.

My misfortune I did not cause, it has just found me when I was sitting in my comfort zone, when suddenly stars came out of the heavens and smashed onto my face, leaving me with a dark plumage and took away my bright halo, now if I may ask you earth, why are you still allowing man to cause you more harm, he finds pleasure in inflicting you with pain and robbing you of your natural treasures.

Those grave diggers, they extracted precious metals such as gold, silver and precious stones such as jasper, rubies, diamonds etc. leaving behind a vast ugly face of the land dangerous for everyone nearby.

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