Online Dating safety precautions every lady should have at her fingertips

Online Dating safety precautions every lady should have at her fingertips

Finding Love has never been easier, these days anyone looking for love even the underage can easily pick their electronic device, say for instance a tablet or smartphone and begin swiping the screen in search of possible candidates. one advantage being that there is a wide array of individuals of different qualities, interests, professions and personalities to choose from, depending on ones preference. However this new trend has arrived with brand new dangers never seen before. the very fact that people speak from a very great distance without ever meeting in person means that people can make false claims about themselves, the fact that their are no social connections & surroundings between the two lovers where they can independently verify details of their backgrounds makes the experience very dangerous, especially for women. I say to the ladies that Online dating is a very dangerous thing to do these days. Here are some amazing tips to keep you safe…

Do not believe in anything that is on that  guy’s profile, From their names, Professions, Hobbies, Personal photos etc. all of that can be cooked up. He can use his dog’s name, write his friends Careers’ & professions and use them  as his own. He  can steal His boss’ photos and put them on his profile pretending to be a wealthy person living a happy life, he can claim to like things he actually hates in reality. Not until you get to see them in person, you never know what’s really behind that Computer, tablet or smartphone, it could be a dog, an alligator or a hyena. Just don’t believe anything they have on their profile.

Never date any fellow who asks you to send him money, for  a person whom you have just began communicating with  to start demanding cash from the day go  is definitely a red flag. If you yield to his demands, then keep in mind that this is not love anymore, its become an online trading of some sorts, you will be quickly turned from a potential sweetheart to a “digital wallet.” not unless you want to buy the sweet love poems he writes to you with your hard earned money.

Arrange to meet him at “your place of choice” and have friends and colleagues on stand by, people who can rush to your aid just in case of an emergency, you never know who that fellow is, he could be a scammer, a gangster, a human trafficker, a terrorist, a psychopath, a pedophile, a rapist, a serial killer or whatever Criminal Pretending to be “a Romeo”  looking for “a Juliet.”

After your first date goes well and the guy happens to match some of your expectations, put your relationship on  hold for a few weeks or months to test the waters, arrange to meet in another second, third, or fourth places. Learn about them as much as you can.

Get to know the people in his social surroundings, like their co-workers, friends, family etc. Give your relationship a few more  months.

If he proposes, do not rush into wedding, many ladies jump into this only days after meeting, you need to give yourself some time to think it over.  Don’t  hurry into things you will soon regret. There are a lot of naïve girls who quickly jump into responding, “YES I DO” a long way even before they get to meet him in person. They happen to be “SO NAÏVE! SO SILLY! SO FOOLISH! SO DUMB!”

After he has passed all your tests, you have known enough of him, and now feel confident being around him after many months or years of dating, you can show your tom boy to all your relatives and friends then prepare for the big day. Because you now know that you didn’t just “fall in love,” but have “grown in love”

Stay Safe online

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