Mediation is Key to long term peaceful coexistence between bitter rivals

Two opposite teams have just been involved in a bitter argument. A fierce disagreement has just risen. You find yourself to be a leader of one side you are responsible for restoring peace and understanding between the two organizations, the other one you don’t own, is alleged of holding back what rightfully belongs to your organization by your team. With that in mind they expect you to forcefully fight for it. Go to the institution and forcefully grab it.

Juniors always do the opposite of what they are told to, they will continue to do damage till when they get to see the full results of their actions.

Based on experiences from my Boy-scout history, I was walking back home one afternoon when I came across two boys who were fighting one another, as a scout, I knew deeply it was my duty to keep the camp peaceful so I tried to separate them but they went on with  their wrangles, since they were older, bigger and stronger than I was, it was clear there was no way I could use force to separate them, an interesting idea quickly came into mind, I dug my hands deep into my pouch and removed the first aid  kit I was carrying that evening and said this to them, “fight on boys, here I have the methylated spirit to pour into your wounds and bandage & tie your broken bones” I said  this as I showed the items to them,  I moved to the side of the road and began to cheer them, “let the strongest bull get the least bruises” I shouted at them as I clapped.

When they noticed that I had given up trying to separate them and now cheering them instead, they all of a sudden stopped and each of them went their own way.

When someone is doing something crazy and potentially dangerous and you try to stop them, they continue to go deeper into their mess, so the best way to make them stop is to encourage them to do it till when they shall realize the dangers of what they are doing for themselves.

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