Mars Missions and other space travel programs are nothing but a hoax to entertain the masses, starting life on an alien planet is nothing but a mad man’s dream

Mars Missions and other space travel programs are nothing but a hoax to entertain the masses, starting life on an alien planet is nothing but a mad man’s dream

I am often fascinated by the stories I hear in the media about people moving to mars in the next few years, crazy plans for colonizing it and making it the second earth, a place to live and to enjoy life. When you actually look into the matter seriously, the whole thing sounds too far out of reach and a very crazy concept. The odds are stacked against astronauts so much that anyone that embarks on such a mission to an alien planet is nothing but a fool, or a clown in a lab coat.

When I hear space explorers saying that mars is going to be our next place of conquest, it makes me laugh, I want to go visit their space programs HQs and then ridicule them proper, Yeah! I mean proper mockery is what these people need. It’s a known fact that the place has no food, no water and worst of all no air to breathe, temperatures are so extreme that no astronaut can survive outside the controlled environment of a space station. Yet with all this evidence there are people who think that they still  need to travel to that alien planet and somehow transform it into their comfortable homes. Honestly speaking, there are places on this planet of ours that are still inhabitable, even though the planet has plenty of air to breathe and plenty of water to drink for all living creatures, there are places that are still so hostile, so alien that few humans can survive on them if there is any. If their claim is that they need to create more space for the booming human populations, then they should devise ways to make the inhospitable areas here on earth more hospitable, they should be making plans for turning the dry, desolate and barren wastelands into Lush Green Marshes, a place where wildlife as well as humans can come to quench their thirst.

You see scenes in the films about space explorations & expeditions gone wrong, one small mistake can bring down an entire space station, there is no room for errors, when the rocket is being launched, you hold your breadth, hoping everything will be fine, then out of the blue, something goes wrong, the spacecraft starts falling apart, and every astronaut starts scrambling to save their lives but all is in vain, the adventurers are thrown out of their warm space module, they face a slow painful death of suffocation as they slowly dwindle away deep and deeper into space.

There is nothing terrible as loosing your life in space where you have no place to rest. Its better to loose your life in a plane crash here on earth than in space, because your relatives will find your remains and lay them to rest. Its better to loose your life in a ship wreck than in space because even if you are never found, your family and friends will come to the sea shore and put some flowers in the waves in your remembrance, but in space, how will they know you have found a resting place?

Humans better find a better way to manage the survival hardships they have here on earth instead of taking those same problems into space, those trillions upon trillions of dollars that are being used to launch endless rockets should instead be used to protect our environment and conserve our planets finite resources

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