Looks that almost killed, can starring at women for too long at the workplace be called “harassment?”

A while ago a girl nearly caused a tragic accident at the factory through her looks. There is a young lady that got employed at a power plant, in a huge energy company, as soon as she got the job she began to attract a lot of attention from her male counterparts, she was the only female around & was incredibly young probably in her mid-twenties, everyone seemed to be nice to her, whatever the reasons for her admiration were not in my duty to explain or describe.

She attracted a lot of attention from her co-workers, whenever she passed, men stopped working or talking to one another just to stare as she walked by, one even forgot to tighten the valves properly and allowed a dangerous gas to leak. It covered the entire basement rooms within minutes, it was after a while when one of the workers discovered the gravity of the situation and warned all the others to get out of the premise as quickly as possible.

When the guy was being interrogated after the near tragic incident, the fellow said he was very busy that day when he was distracted by the lady, it was the way she walked that caused the fellow to lose focus on his work, when she walked, she tossed her bottoms from side to side like water balloons, sometimes she held them high like a peacocks tail while she strolled, I went over where she stood to simply say, hello, or good afternoon, little did I know that I hadn’t tightened the bolts hard enough.

The inquiry chair condescendingly disproved of the employees actions saying, “You allowed dangerous gas to leak while you watched your fellow worker, with eyes popped out and jaws dropped as if a fashion model was walking past by. He then turned and said this to the lady, “Do not expect fellow factory workers to treat you too nicely simply because you are a lady.”

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