Journeying through Ancient Egypt – A quick tour of Egyptian Relics

There’s been turmoil in Egypt in the recent years that threatened the country’s lucrative tourism industry, international adventurers were scarred away from Egypt following the disturbing images that were streaming live out of the Egyptian Capital and its environs, now, slowly but surely the tourists are beginning  to return

Since the Egyptian hieroglyphs were deciphered in the 1820s by the Frenchman Jean-François Champollion with the help of the Rosetta Stone, there has been a growing interest in Egyptology and the History of Ancient Egypt as a whole, millions of folks around the world are fascinated about the  magnificent monuments in the desert sands, they always awe all visitors that find time pay them a visit.

We have all dreamed of visiting the age old Egyptian Relics before the end of our lives, If you plan to visit Egypt at Some Point of your life, then You should Remember to visit One of these Magnificent Places…

The Great Pyramids of Giza

the Sphinx

The Statues at Thebes and Abu Simbi

Monumental Egyptian Statues

 Egyptian art and Literature

Relief Drawings of Ancient Egyptian Deities

Egyptian Treasures

Temple Ruins

Egyptian Mummies

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