Its not a good idea to predict the ending of a thriller novella for you will soon get bored and loose interest.

Its not a good idea to predict the ending of a thriller novella for you will soon get bored and loose interest.

It’s not wise thing for a reader to keep trying to predict what the story is likely to turn out in the end, otherwise they’ll lose interest if the story starts to turn out the way they have prophesied. such people would never finish a book, its certain that they are not reading for pleasure but rather doing a research of the backstory, studying the author through his words and interjections, as if they  have been sent to make an inquiry, these are the fellows that buy books for others to read.

When they begin a book, a few chapters into the reading, they begin to lament that the story is boring, if  it’s a very interesting story, they’ll stop it halfway and return it over to the shelves, “this looks like a fun thing to go through,” they say, “I shall come for it later on when I am energetic enough,” they open a research paper in the bid to learn something new only to find themselves arguing with the author, “you should have written better paragraphs,” they say, your writing is quiet poor I see. Don’t predict the story, simply enjoy.

Some readers try to be smart by predicting the possible outcome of a play, and end up losing interest, the scribe never wished you to critic it from the start otherwise you will not enjoy the show. My favorite film genres being history and adventure.

“Please don’t take into account how clumsy my writing is, all I desired was for you to simply get the message therein. Try to forget my childish talk.”

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