Is globalization having a positive or negative impact on the cultures of the World?

Is globalization having a positive or negative impact on the cultures of the World?

Many communities around the globe are reluctant to accept the modernization of things because of fear of the negative effects it might have on their culture, religion and social norms, “how can we urbanize our societies without factoring in the filthy things that come with it?” They say, “Let’s try to remain as conservative as possible.”

Put things parallel to a fast changing planet, the world today is very different form the way it was barely a half a century ago.

The global culture of commerce, industry, and technology is spreading far and wide and leaving huge impacts, The older a culture is the harder it is likely to be swept away by the effects of globalization, the most ancient of cultures are the ones most likely to survive the most influential global trends, but the small cultures that do not have strong civilized backgrounds are going to be marginalized by the encroaching monstrous cultures from their surroundings, they are going to be swept away into oblivion, like the way wind blows off chaff in a cornfield. What shall be left of them only is their memory. “I am not ashamed of my culture,” says the retired major general, “it’s just that not everyone is nice like you, why do some of the visitors continually, call us backward communities?”

Urbanization has had grave impacts on family keeping greatly, even raising just two children has become a herculean task and forced families to become smaller and smaller. In the good olden days long before cities sprang up, having relatively large families was more beneficial than having smaller ones, for security, labor support, on the farms, companionship etc. life expectancy was relatively low too, if a family had ten children then roughly five of them will survive to adulthood, maybe three only would be able to make families of their own or raise those children till they too reach adulthood. The changes are affecting everybody, every country and every continent.

The word international as we know it is losing its value as a way of instilling confidence and authority in people, “it’s an international convention, yeah we know that but how does such conference help us the neglected urchins in the countryside? You make yourself sound great, but your greatness is no use to us.”

Every dweller in the world is feeling the effects of change brought about by globalization, changes in economic, social, cultural and political arenas.

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