I wonder why Modern day folks have so much love for savage Sports

When an emissary  first went into a ring he was shocked beyond belief, he asked the fellows that were with him, hey look there are two men fighting over there somebody please go stop them” he exclaimed, “hey you people what are you thinking, can you see they are going to kill each other?” he insisted but no one seemed to pay him any attention, all they were focussing on were the two beasts mauling one another on a platform, the place is full, so full of people you could hardly move around, they all seemed to be suddenly made happy by the incident, some of those who were there laughed at his naivety, others ignored him as they had seen him as a nuisance, when no one paid him any attention , he decided to settle the dispute himself, “I wonder what those two bulls are fighting about, is it over some female or some property somewhere, what dispute is such great that it could only be settled through fighting, can’t they sit down and talk it over instead of resorting to fists?” he asked himself many many questions, he struggled to go through the crowds and managed to reach them at the podium, but when he was about to stop the menace, two large arms appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him mightily, he found himself being dragged out of the arena and into a dark room where he received a couple of blows before being interrogated, when he was asked, “why were you trying to attack the champ?” his response was quick,  he said he saw two men fighting over something he did not understand, when he asked others to stop them, they didn’t  respond they cheered them on instead, “I saw one was bigger and much stronger than the other and could have killed the smaller guy so I decided to stop them myself, that’s when you came, can somebody tell me why I am being held here? Or were you also part of the cheering squad?

When the security guys interrogated him further he came up with more weird and funnier responses, they couldn’t find a thing they could use to put him on high suspicion, and therefore decided to let him go, “this guy has either one of these two problems,” said one of the guards, “he is either drunk or out of his mind” they all at once threw him out of the venue.

 A short while later he met some of his relatives that helped him travel to his home country, he narrated to his friends how he went into a foreign a country and saw people fighting for fun, “can you believe it, men are fighting each other while multitudes of crowds stand by to cheer them instead of stopping them? I have never seen a lifestyle of so much savagery before.

Then there is this sport where you see men scrambling over what looks like an egg, they run around the fields chasing one another and break each other’s bones in an attempt take it from the other group, when the game is over the wounded are carried off the fields to nurse their injuries on their own, they are quickly abandoned by the crowd who had come to cheer them, the same crowd who had been cheering them on to wrestle one another, even though necks are broken, who cares?

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