How do People manage to live under the Most Extreme Weather & Climatic Conditions of the world?

How do People manage to live under the Most Extreme Weather & Climatic Conditions of the world?

There are places in this world where weather and climate are so extreme, you begin to wonder how people manage to live there, maybe you are used to the environment you currently are in, but someone who lives elsewhere in the world may find your environment pretty extreme.

Here is the story of an unpopular escape. A group of convicts decided to jailbreak from a remote prison in the alps of Siberia in mid-winter, after travelling for ten kilometres on foot, the cold Siberian winter snow and frost caught up with them, it froze hard on their backs, now they were shaking really bad. The only clothes they had were their pyjamas not a single one had warm clothing or whatsoever, the place is so remote that there is hardly a house for many miles around, “what do we do, what do we do?” Exclaimed one, “Were we not better off in prison, with comfortable beds, warm blanket and food? now we are losing our energy, we can’t even find a rock shelter” the others said nothing, by this time now they were so numb, none could say a thing, the winds blew hard, snow particles settled on their heads, shoulders, on their eyelids, ears and lips.

They decide to head in the direction of the main road so that at least a vehicle could stop by and pick them up, and after waiting for two long gruesome hours a military SUV came along, it stopped by as one of them ran towards the driver, there were other people inside the vehicle, the inmate begged him to carry them along, to take them back to prison lest they freeze out to death in the horrific winter world. The other cadets inside began to laugh out loud and were mocking them cruelly, “you ran out of prison, now you are begging us to take you back. You have just acquired your freedom, run away and never come back, run into the wild, where no prison guard will find you, flee for your freedom, you worked hard and smart to get it, now you want to throw it away?” “There is nothing for us out there, only death,” replied the man.

They insulted them more then drove away speedily.  The men fell onto the road and cried out loud. They blamed their ring leader for a poor escape plan. They waited for another gruesome three hours when a truck came along. It found one man kneeling on the road and another crouching while the others lay still, he hooted at them but all except one remained motionless, he opened the door and came out with an axe held tightly to his left hand to inspect them, by looking at their attire he realised that these were escapees who had made a wrong move, he touched their nerves and felt their hands, all were cold as ice and were barely alive, he at once opened the back of his truck and called his colleague who was asleep to come and help him throw these half dead men to the back of his truck and bolted the doors tightly.

He was a farmer carrying food to his flock of sheep starving at his barn, he laid them on Napier grass and leaves of fodder crops which formed the bulk of the transit goods, he sped away to the nearby police post 120 kilometers away where he handed them over to the authorities, after going through several months of treatment at the hospital, all but one survived the ordeal. They suffered serious frostbites, to their feet and hands but all in all, they thanked their anonymous driver who saved them from an untimely end.

Our current situations however unpleasant they may seem, they may be better than the unknown we are about to plunge ourselves into.

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